Top Tips To Choose The Best Network In India While Travelling

We all are familiar with the troubles of having no network while traveling. You might be having an important call with your boss on your way, or perhaps you feel like video chatting with your loved ones, but a bad network is all it takes to turn your plans for the day while traveling. This is precisely why it’s crucial to invest time in choosing which network plan is the best for you while traveling.

There are numerous network providers that offer the best network in India. In order to travel stress-free without facing any issues with your network connection, in this article, we will guide you to the specifics of the best network plans you can utilize while traveling for quality service and a good network.

Best International Roaming Plans For Travelling

Looking for some quality international roaming plans for your upcoming travel? We have got your back! Check out these amazing international roaming plans that will meet your network requirements throughout your travel.

Reliance Jio Packs

Reliance Jio offers its users three separate IR prepaid packs that ensure unlimited free voice calls and data packs. These packs are made available in 22 different countries including the USA, UK, and many more. While browsing through each plan, go through the countries listed where the particular plan can be accessed and proceed accordingly.

The Rs. 575 IR packJio's Rs. 575 IR pack includes free incoming calls, 100 minutes of outgoing calls to India and local, 250 MB of data, and one day validity period along with added benefits of 100 SMS.

The Rs. 2875 IR packThe Rs. 2875 IR pack includes a 7 day validity period and free incoming calls, along with 250 MB data per day, 100 SMS, and 100 minutes of outgoing calls every day.

The Rs. 5751 IR PackThe Reliance Jio IR pack of Rs. 5751 offers you a 30 days validity period that includes 5GB of data, free unlimited calling, 1500 SMS, and 1500 minutes of outgoing calls to India and local.

Pack Price Incoming Calls Outgoing calls Mobile Data SMS Validity
Rs. 575 IR pack Rs. 575 Free 100 minutes 250 MB 100 1 Day
Rs. 2875 IR Pack Rs. 2875 Free 100 minutes per day 250 MB per day 100 SMS per day 7 Days
Rs. 5751 IR Pack Rs. 5751 Free 1500 minutes of outgoing calls to India and local 5 GB 1500 SMS 30 Days

Vodafone Idea IR packs

Vodafone, similar to Jio, also offers its users with three different IR plans that depend on the destination you are headed to. We recommend you to check the list of countries first on the Vodafone website and then proceed with purchasing the plan.

The Rs. 295 IR PlanThe first plan of Rs. 295 IR includes a validity of 28 days with 40 minutes of outgoing and incoming calls to India. A charge of Rs 15 is imposed per SMS and Rs 10 for mobile data per MB. This plan is available for 42 countries.

The Rs. 1495 IR PlanThe Rs. 1495 IR pack provided by Vodafone provides 300 minutes of outgoing and incoming calls to India and local for a validity period of 14 days. It also provides SMS usage of Rs 15 per SMS with 1GB of data usage and is available for 42 countries too.

The Rs. 6995 IR PlanThe most expensive Vodafone IR pack is for Rs. 6995 with a validity period of 28 days. It comes with a service of unlimited incoming calls and outgoing calls for 120 minutes per day. This plan also includes 15 GB of data usage with free outgoing SMS and is available in 69 countries.

Plan Incoming Calls Outgoing Calls SMS Mobile Data Countries Validity Price
Rs. 295 IR Plan 40 minutes 40 minutes Rs. 15 per SMS Rs. 10 per MB 42 Countries 28 Days Rs. 295
Rs. 1495 IR Plan 300 minutes 300 minutes Rs. 15 per SMS 1 GB 42 Countries 14 Days Rs. 1495
Rs. 6995 IR Plan Unlimited for 120 minutes per day. Unlimited for 120 minutes per day. Free 15 GB 69 countries 28 Days Rs. 6995.

Bharti Airtel IR packs

Airtel provides a huge variety of international roaming packs to its users with different prices for different countries. The packs range from as cheap as Rs. 496 to Rs. 6999.

Airtel has IR packs for Rs 3997 for countries like USA, UK, France, Canada and Germany, that offers 5GB data, unlimited incoming calls, 100 SMS, and 500 minutes to India/local calling for 30 days.

There is a Rs. 3995 IR pack for countries like Oman, South Africa, and Nigeria that includes 250 minutes of India/local calls, 250 minutes of incoming, 100 SMS, and 3GB data for 10 days.

The Best Mobile Network In India For Domestic Travels

If you are wondering which is the best mobile network in India that offers the best network coverage throughout the country, we’ll be shedding some light on the same in this section.

Jio, one of the leading telecommunications companies of India, has made it to the title of providing the best 4G network in India. The average time spent by Jio users connected to the internet has increased by 0.5% and reached an incredible score of 99.2%.

This growth is admirable at best and proves that Jio is a network that can be relied on in terms of internet connection, especially while traveling within the country. Jio has also been rewarded with the highest 4G coverage award and gotten a certified score of 9.4 out of 10 for the same.

Jio is known to provide its high 4G services in all regions without any interference that makes it the best mobile network in India. Jio also ensures that you can enjoy high-speed internet even when you are traveling, which makes its network coverage trustworthy.

Tips On Getting Faster Internet While Traveling Domestically And Internationally.

  1. Try Using Travel Routers

    For those not traveling with a PC, a travel router brings solid Wi-Fi to telephones, tablets, and other gadgets. The better ones have an entire scope of features for you to enjoy, including boosting the signal from the current Wi-Fi to give better performance on whatever gadget you're using.

    You can regularly set it up from your internet browser and place it where you get a strong Wi-Fi signal and enjoy it.

  2. Turn Off Background Apps

    Turning off extra apps that are running in the background might help more than you expect it to. Your updating system and application updaters, cloud backup, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Photos, iCloud, BitTorrent, and numerous others will hamper with your restricted bandwidth. That's why it is recommended to close off those extra tabs while working and enjoy high-speed internet accordingly.

  3. Use A Website’s Mobile Version

    We can understand the pain of sitting through painfully long buffering screens and wanting to get straight to your information page. Using the mobile version of an application might just do the trick. It'll consume less data and provide you with the information that you’re looking for in a short period of time.


We have discussed above in detail everything an individual needs to consider before purchasing an internal roaming plan while travelling. In case you are travelling in India itself, we have outlined the best 4G network operator that offers the best network coverage throughout the region. Since people have different budgets, we have also shared international roaming plans for 3 different budgets accordingly.

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