Check Internet Settings For Mobile Network Operators In India: APN

internet setting for mobile

Each phone has its own settings by which the phone can understand which network's SIM is being used; this internet setting for mobile devices is called APN. The full form of APN is Access Point Name and is a gateway that works as the internet setting of a mobile.

It establishes a connection between the mobile operator network and the public internet network. Bear in mind, every network comes with its own APN setting and you can manually save, add or update this setting on your phone.

Let's see how you can set up your internet settings for mobile by yourself.

APNs are rather like MPLS tags or VLAN tags. Traffic is transmitted through different paths on the basis of an association or classification determined for traffic.

Internet setting for mobile or APN: What is it exactly?

Access Point Name is the information for connecting your provider network with a public internet setting. It automatically reads all this information to set up an IP address, connect with the correct secure gateway and the VPN.

However, sometimes an internal error occurs; it may not read this internet setting automatically. If this happens you will need to customize this setting manually or sometimes you might have to change the default setting for better connectivity. In this article, we will explain and share all the internet settings for mobile operator networks.

Internet settings for all mobile operators: How to Configure or change?

Configuring or changing the internet setting is not a difficult task at all. But the ways are different to set up internet settings for mobile carrier’s networks.

Internet settings for Airtel & its Configuration

You can easily configure the internet setting for Airtel SIM without any assistance. There are several ways to get a new GPRS or APN setting for your device.

You just need to send a text SMS ‘MO’ to 54321. The company will send you the configuration setting within a minute. If it doesn’t come to your mobile, go to Airtel’s official website and request for the APN setting.

However, you can always call customer service by dialing 121 and receive the setting. If nothing above works in your favor, just try the manual settings for your android or iOS device to save the below details.

Setting Details Value
Name Airtel
Access Point Name
Port 8080
APN Protocol IPv4 / IPv6
Other settings Not Set

Internet settings for Jio & its Configuration

Well, there is only one option to set up internet settings for Jio customers; and that is the manual process. Here is the APN setting which you can add to your android or iOS mobile device.

Setting Details Value
Name Jio 4G
Access Point Name jionet
Proxy Not Set
Port Not Set
APN Protocol IPv4 / IPv6
Other settings Not Set

Internet settings for Vodafone/vi

After merging, Vodafone & the idea cellular service; Vi are now providing a new internet setting for Vodafone/vi users by SMS type in message ‘ALL’ and send it to 199. Apart from that, you can also save manually with the given setting information:

Setting Details Value
Access Point Name www
Proxy Not Set
Port Not Set
APN Protocol IPv4 / IPv6
Other settings Not Set

Internet settings for BSNL & its Configuration

For BSNL GPRS internet settings for BSNL subscribers, SMS type in message ‘GPRS’ and send it to 53733. Unfortunately, while doing so if an unexpected error occurs, you can directly call BSNL customer care number 1800 180 1503. Or you can manually update the setting with the given details.

Setting Details Value
Access Point Name bsnlnet
Proxy Not Set
Port Not Set
APN Protocol IPv4 / IPv6
Other settings Set as Default

Steps to configure internet settings for mobile manually

There are slightly different steps to add or change the configuration of internet settings for mobile devices. See the steps below:

  • Steps for internet settings for android mobile
  • Go to settings of your mobile device,
  • Select the ‘Mobile Network’ option and click on ‘Access Point Names’
  • Click Add and fill in the required details as shown above.
  • Enter ‘OK’ to save the APN or internet settings.
  • Steps for internet settings for iPhone
  • Visit the settings menu and then select General,
  • Click the Network option,
  • Now enter Cellular Data Network,
  • Finally, visit the APN menu to add a new APN setting


Through this article, we have learned about the internet settings of all the top telecom operators in India today. At the same time, we easily shared the steps on how to update or add a new look to this internet setting or APN settings on your phone. We usually deal with APN or internet settings for mobile devices when our internet service fails to provide such a good service. After that, whenever there is any problem related to the internet, don't forget to change it by the method of internet setting discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is APN or internet settings for mobile devices dangerous?

No! It does not affect or harm any mobile device or human at all. It is the collection of information that helps to connect your cellular service network to public internet network service.

Why cannot I change the internet settings of my mobile?

Some mobile devices do not allow you to change or interfere with your internet settings; else the network has locked the APN settings on your device. This is why you are unable to change it.

Is it OK to change the internet setting?

If it is needed, you can easily change the internet setting. Although, there is an option named ‘Reset Settings'; where you can get back to the previous settings.

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