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Caller tunes personalise your phone calls, letting your callers listen to your favourite music or message while they wait for you to answer. Wondering how to activate caller tune on your number? Or do you want to know how to deactivate caller tunes? Although the process varies for each operator, you can usually activate a caller tune through their music apps or SMS. Deactivating a caller tune is even simpler through a simple SMS.

how to activate caller tune?

How To Activate Caller Tune?

Setting a caller tune varies across mobile operators. For Airtel, BSNL, Jio, and Vodafone Idea, options include calling toll-free numbers, sending SMS, using dedicated apps, and browsing online libraries. Each provider offers a unique process for users to customize their caller tunes to suit their preferences. Read on to the following sections to grab the detailed information.

  1. How To Activate Caller Tune In Jio?
  2. How To Activate Caller Tune In Airtel?
  3. How To Activate Caller Tune In Vodafone Idea?
  4. How To Activate BSNL Caller Tune?

How To Activate Caller Tune In Jio?

The answer to how to activate Jio caller tune has multiple answers. Jiotunes can be activated in any one of the following ways. However, note that you can set your JioTune only once a month for free using the MyJio app.

  1. Through the MyJio App:

    Follow these steps to activate caller tune in Jio through the MyJio app:

    • Download the MyJio app.
    • Click on "JioTunes" under "Trending Now".
    • Search the song of your choice and listen to the preview.
    • Select "Set JioTune".
    • A confirmation screen will be displayed and an SMS will be sent on activation.
  2. Through IVR:

    Follow these steps to activate caller tune in Jio through IVR - Interactive Voice Response

    • Dial 56789 from the Jio number on which you wish to set the JioTune.
    • Select the song of your choice from the Top Songs to set as your JioTune.
  3. Through SMS:

    Follow these steps to activate caller tune in Jio through SMS:

    • Send an SMS with the first 3 words of the song/film/album of your choice to the toll-free number 56789.
    • You will receive an SMS with the list of songs according to your input.
    • The SMS will also have instructions on how to set the song of your choice as your JioTune.
    • If you still feel confused, you can send an SMS "JT" to 56789 to receive detailed instructions.
  4. Copying another user's caller tune:

    Follow these steps to activate caller tune in Jio by copying another user's Jiotune.

    • Press *(star) before the call is answered.
    • You will receive an SMS to confirm your consent.
    • Reply to this SMS with "Y" within 30 minutes and the selected JioTune will be activated on your registered Jio number.

How To Activate Caller Tune In Airtel Through Wynk?

Airtel Caller Tune allows Airtel users to personalise their incoming call experience by setting their favourite songs, tunes, or messages for their callers to enjoy while waiting. Users can activate Airtel Caller Tune through the toll-free number, SMS, Airtel Hello Tunes app, or online portal, making it simple to choose and customize their caller tune. However, our best recommendation is the Wynk Music App since it offers a vast range of options.

  1. Download the Wynk music app.
  2. Sign in with the correct credentials.
  3. After logging in, click the option for caller tune.
  4. Search for your favourite song.
  5. Click the "Confirm" button.
  6. After successful activation, you will get a confirmation message from Airtel.

How To Activate Caller Tune In Vodafone Idea Via Vi App?

Vodafone Idea has introduced a new VI Hello Tunes app after the merger of Vodafone and Idea Cellular. Users can now personalise their calling experience by selecting preferred tunes or messages as caller tunes. Vi users can easily activate and manage their caller tune by calling the toll-free number, sending an SMS, or using the Vi Caller Tunes app, giving them the flexibility to customize their caller tune selection at any time.

Here are the steps on how to activate caller tune in Vodafone Idea through the Vi app:

  1. Download and open the Vi app.
  2. Go to the "Callertunes" tab on the app.
  3. Browse through the catalogue of different profile tunes.
  4. Choose your preferred tune.
  5. Select the duration.
  6. Click on "Set" to activate the caller tune for all your callers.

How To Activate BSNL Caller Tune?

BSNL offers its users the ability to personalise their calling experience. Users can set their caller tune by calling the toll-free number, sending an SMS with the desired song's name, or through online activation, making it convenient to customize their caller tune according to their preferences. There are several ways to find the solution to how to activate BSNL caller tune.

  1. By calling

    You can call the toll-free number 56700 from your BSNL number and by selecting your preferred language, you will get a list of songs that you can set as your caller tune.

  2. By sending an SMS

    You can send an SMS "SUBSCRIBE" or "BT ACT" to 56700 to receive a list of song codes. Reply with your preferred song code and activate your BSNL caller tune. This process will charge ₹2 per SMS.

  3. By copying from another user

    There is a third option where you can copy the song from another BSNL number by pressing *9 while listening to their caller tune.

  4. Apart from that, you can always download the BSNL app or visit the BSNL website and after signing up with the correct credentials, you will get to choose your caller tune.

The BSNL caller tune is free of cost if any user has recharged an unlimited or special tariff voucher. Else, BSNL may charge you to activate these tunes. For choosing a caller tune BSNL charges ₹12, and ₹30 for activating the service.

How To Deactivate Caller Tune?

Although a caller tune is an incredible way to express yourself and make your callers hum to your favourite tones, you may get bored of the same song or might not want it anymore. In such cases, you can simply deactivate your caller tune in a few moments of time. Here's the quick access guide where you can learn how to remove caller tune within minutes.

  1. How To Deactivate Jio Caller Tune?
  2. How To Deactivate Airtel Caller Tune?
  3. How To Deactivate Caller Tune in Vi?
  4. How To Deactivate BSNL Caller Tune?

How To Deactivate Jio Caller Tune?

Here's the simple answer to how to deactivate Jio caller tune. Simply follow these steps and revert back to the original ring.

  • Send an SMS "STOP" to 56789 or 155223 and follow the steps they send to deactivate.
  • To deactivate the Jio caller from the MyJio app, open the app, and select the "Jio tunes" option. On the subscription page, tap the "Deactivate JioTune" button and press "Yes" to confirm the deactivation.

On successful deactivation, a notification message will come to your registered number.

How To Deactivate Airtel Caller Tune?

To deactivate or remove the Airtel caller tune, send an SMS "STOP" to the toll-free number 543211 or call on the toll-free number 543211808. Within a couple of moments, you will receive a confirmation message on your mobile. And that's how to deactivate Airtel caller tune without wasting even a few minutes.

How To Deactivate Caller Tune In Vi?

Are you bored of the old tune? You can set a new song as your caller tune in Vi. However, if you still don't want that and you're wondering how to deactivate caller tune in Vi, here's what you can do. Send an SMS "STOP" to 155223. A confirmation message, "Vi hello tune will deactivate successfully" will immediately pop up on the mobile screen.

How To Deactivate BSNL Caller Tune?

The answer to how to deactivate BSNL caller tune could not be simpler. You can dial 56700 and deactivate the preferred song, or just send an SMS "UNSUB" to 56700 or 56799. Besides, you can deactivate this tune by visiting the BSNL official portal.

Why Should You Set A Caller Tune?

Selecting a caller tune often seems like a trivial or insignificant task. However, according to research conducted by sociologists, caller tunes can reveal a lot about the user’s personality, preferences and individuality. They are a medium to psychologically mark and imprint one’s personality into the caller’s mind.

Moreover, through a caller tune, providers can derive the user’s age group, music choice and social preferences to a considerable extent, thus, helping them to collect data for personalised services, like different playlists. Although we cannot decipher someone’s personality with certainty through their caller tune, it is undoubtedly an insight into what to expect when the call is received.

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Caller Tune: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose a specific song for my caller tune, or are there predefined options to select from?

You can typically choose a specific song, tune, or even a message of your choice for your caller tune. Operators often have an extensive library of songs and tunes to choose from. Some operators also allow you to record and set a custom message as your caller tunes, adding a personalized touch to your incoming calls.

Can I change my caller tune multiple times, and how often can I switch to a new tune?

Yes, you can change your caller tune as many times as you wish. The frequency of changing your caller tune usually depends on your mobile operator's policies. Some operators may allow you to change your caller tune daily, while others may limit the number of changes per week or month. Sometimes, the first few changes are free, but you may have to pay for caller tunes once the limit is exhausted.

What happens to my caller tune if I switch to a different mobile operator or change my phone number?

If you switch to a different mobile operator, your caller tune from the previous operator will be deactivated, and you'll need to set up a new caller tune with the new operator using their respective activation methods. Similarly, if you change your phone number with the same operator, you'll likely need to reset and activate a new caller tune for the new number.

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