How To Convert Postpaid to Prepaid: Airtel, Jio, Vi & BSNL

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Prepaid plans have several benefits over postpaid ones. They're often relatively cheaper in cost and the lack of monthly bills allows users to avoid late fees, if any. Are you searching for how to convert postpaid to prepaid? You can easily convert postpaid to prepaid by visiting the nearby retail store of your operator or through their official website. Read on to find out the exact steps!

How To Convert Postpaid To Prepaid?

A postpaid plan is accompanied by long monthly bills at the end of the month, which, if you miss, also come with lengthy late charges. Do you wish to avoid that? Opt for prepaid plans. Not only are they easier to manage, but they often provide more calling and SMS services for slightly cheaper costs. You can easily convert postpaid to prepaid by visiting your provider's store or website. Moreover, you can experience added flexibility. To begin understanding the process, we start with the top network operators in India. Here's the quick access to each of the respective sections:

  1. Airtel: How To Convert Postpaid To Prepaid?
  2. Jio: How To Convert Postpaid To Prepaid?
  3. Vi: How To Convert Postpaid To Prepaid?
  4. BSNL: How To Convert Postpaid To Prepaid?

What are the requirements for a migration form?

To successfully fill a migration form, you will require passport-size pictures, proof of identity and proof of address. These three things are required every time, irrespective of your service provider. However, there might be additional prerequisites depending on the provider.

How To Convert Airtel Postpaid To Prepaid?

Airtel is one of the top mobile network providers in India because of its ultimate user experience, Airtel customer care support and additional plan benefits. It has a strong presence in India and offers a wide range of postpaid and prepaid services to its data-consuming and calling subscribers. Switching from Airtel postpaid to prepaid is an easy task. You can do so by visiting the retail store or through Airtel's official website.

Convert Airtel Postpaid To Prepaid At The Airtel Store

You must follow the below simple steps to find the solution to how to convert postpaid to prepaid for Airtel users. Remember that data rollover benefits and the collated data will be lost/forfeited. Moreover, all associated benefits of the Airtel Thanks app for postpaid users will no longer be applicable.

  1. Visit the nearest Airtel Store.
  2. Share your ID & address proof.
  3. Fill out the postpaid to prepaid migration form.
  4. Ensure that all your pending dues are cleared.
  5. A request will be raised on the Airtel portal to shift your connection from postpaid to prepaid.
  6. You will receive an OTP on the registered number.
  7. Submit the OTP to the executive.
  8. Your verification process now stands complete.
  9. You will receive an SMS on your registered Airtel number that the postpaid to prepaid shift request has been received.
  10. The porting will take approximately three to six hours to activate.
  11. Airtel users will have to do an FRC recharge at the store itself.

Convert Airtel Postpaid To Prepaid On The Airtel Website

Are you a working professional who can't find the time to visit a nearby Airtel store? Another answer to how to change postpaid to prepaid is via the website. You can conveniently complete the conversion process through Airtel's website. Check out how to convert Airtel postpaid to prepaid without visiting the store.

  1. Visit the Airtel official website.
  2. Select switch postpaid to prepaid.
  3. You will get a transaction ID and OTP.
  4. The OTP is only valid for 10 minutes.
  5. Now enter your mobile number and the OTP received.
  6. A confirmation message will be displayed on your screen.
  7. The conversion process will be completed within half an hour.
  8. You will get an IVRS call, follow the steps and your postpaid number will be converted to prepaid.

Jio: How To Convert Postpaid To Prepaid?

Reliance Jio offers an impeccable voice and digital experience. It is one of the best mobile network operators in India because of its vast range of affordable plans and top-notch user experience. If you wish to convert your existing Jio postpaid to prepaid, then we are here to help you understand the easy process. Finish the conversion at a nearby Jio store, through Jio's website or via SMS.

Convert Jio Postpaid To Prepaid At The Jio Store

You can easily find all the help and assistance you might need for any Jio services at its retail store. Customer care executives are usually available to guide you through the process. If you wish to convert your Jio postpaid to prepaid, then go ahead and follow the below steps:

  1. Visit your nearest Jio store.
  2. Submit your ID & address proof.
  3. Fill out the postpaid to prepaid migration form.
  4. After the submission of your request, your SIM will take around one hour to get deactivated.
  5. You will have to do an IVR verification by calling the customer care toll-free number (18008899999).
  6. Congratulations, your prepaid connection will now start working!

Convert Jio Postpaid To Prepaid On The Jio Website

Jio's official website is a convenient one-stop destination for all services and offers. Customers can also convert postpaid to prepaid online via the Jio website. We recommend you browse through all the available prepaid plans to find the most suitable one before making the switch.

  1. Visit Jio's website.
  2. Enter your name and registered postpaid number.
  3. Generate the OTP.
  4. Enter the OTP and click on "Validate".
  5. Select "I am interested in Prepaid" and click on "Port to Jio".
  6. You will have to add your delivery address for the SIM delivery.
  7. Click on "Submit Port to Jio request".
  8. An executive will visit your home for verification of documents and to activate your SIM.
  9. Upon completion of verification, your Jio postpaid number will be converted to a prepaid number.

Convert Jio Postpaid To Prepaid Via SMS

Wondering how to convert Jio postpaid to prepaid using SMS? You can change your postpaid number to prepaid by sending Jio an SMS. Check out the detailed process below:

  1. Send an SMS "PORT<10-digit mobile number>" to 1900 from your registered Jio connection.
  2. You’ll receive an SMS with a port-out code.
  3. Keep this code handy with you, and visit the nearest Jio store.
  4. Do your KYC verification.
  5. Give your port out code and get your current postpaid SIM ported to a Jio prepaid connection.

Vi: How To Convert Postpaid To Prepaid?

Vi (Vodafone Idea) offers a range of postpaid and prepaid plans to its Indian customers. Vi is one of the top mobile network operators because of their customer care services, and high-compensation plans. Switching from Vi postpaid to prepaid is a trouble-free process that users can execute at the Vi store. As of now, Vi does not offer the facility to process the conversion online.

  1. Visit the nearest Vi store.
  2. Fill out the migration form and submit it.
  3. Provide your ID & address proof.
  4. Submit your passport-size photographs.
  5. The executive will issue a new prepaid SIM after the completion of the verification process.
  6. The conversion process should take around 60 mins.
  7. Process the first recharge at the store itself.
  8. The company will send the excess balance (if any) via a cheque to your address.
  9. Any amount under Rs. 500 will be credited to your account as the talk time balance.
  10. The new Vi prepaid connection will have to be activated by calling 59059.
  11. Incoming and outgoing SMS services will be inactive for the next 24 hours of SIM activation. However, data and calling services will begin immediately.

BSNL: How To Convert Postpaid To Prepaid?

BSNL offers a wide range of cheap postpaid and prepaid plans. Their top feature is affordability and high compensation. Plans start from as low as ₹10 with a validity of even one day. Here's how you can convert BSNL postpaid to prepaid in a few simple steps.

  1. Visit the nearest BSNL store or office.
  2. Carry your BSNL postpaid SIM card, along with documents for identification and passport-size photographs.
  3. Ask any customer care executive to help you through the process.
  4. Provide the necessary information and complete the formalities.
  5. Clear any past dues.
  6. You can collect the new SIM card from the executive.
  7. The BSNL postpaid to prepaid conversion will be completed as soon as the recharge is successful.

Why Should You Switch From Postpaid To Prepaid?

The customers of the telecommunication industry are divided between prepaid and postpaid choices. However, many users are still muddled and want to know why switching to a prepaid connection is a better option. Well, here is a list of benefits that prepaid connections carry with them:

  • Effortless online recharge via apps/recharge shops
  • Ability to transfer and receive the balance
  • Customized plans as per your needs
  • No surprises with bills
  • Trying various plans and packs is easy because of added flexibility
  • More affordable options
  • No long-term obligations

How To Convert Postpaid To Prepaid: Frequently Asked Questions

What proofs are required while switching from postpaid to prepaid?

You will be required to carry address proof, two passport-size photographs, a PAN card/Aadhar card as proof of identification, the last paid bill receipt and a signed migration form.

How to port from Vi postpaid to Airtel prepaid?

You can start the Vodafone to Airtel porting process by sending an SMS and generating a porting code. Send an SMS "PORT<space><10-digit mobile number>" to 1900 to receive the Unique Porting Code. You can visit the nearby Airtel store with this UPC to complete the porting process.

How long does it take to switch from postpaid to prepaid?

It generally takes 3 to 6 hours for the process to be completed and the new SIM card to be activated.

Which is better: postpaid or prepaid?

If you prioritise affordability and cheaper plans, prepaid options might be more suitable for you. They're also good for people who have comparatively less usage of their mobile services. On the other hand, if you use your mobile network services quite extensively, postpaid plans might be better as they'll provide higher compensation in the long run.

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